Information regarding Online Registration under The Punjab Shops & Commercial Establishments Act, 1958
*  First time registration through this online process is mandatory for all the shops & commercial establishments covered under the Act, whether it is a Fresh Registration or Renewal of Registration or Manual Registration having validity.
* Once you have got online registration certificate, next renewal of registration will be done by login into this website using e-mail ID & password as filled in Form-F previously. A link of renewal of registration will appear in your account and you have to click it and a Form-F will appear filled with previous data. Rest the process is same as in above step.
As per The Punjab Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1958, registration of Shops / Commercial Establishments is mandatory in the State of Haryana. The applicant for successful registration of Shop / Commercial Establishments is required to
* Fill in two Forms - FORM F and FORM B
* Make appropriate payment
Form F asks for the details regarding the Shop/Commercial Establishments including the personal details of its owner/MD. After filling Form F, the applicant will be directed to Form B. This form enables you to provide the Departmental details of your employees including their working hours. The same is also required by the applicant to be displayed in the premises of the respective Shop/Commercial Establishments which will be verified by the concerned authority. For further details please navigate to the GUIDELINES available at the below mentioned link.
Please Note: Your application will be sent to the concerned authority online only when your Registration process is completed which includes successfully entering information in both the Forms and making the Appropriate Payment.
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